World Leading OE Company – premium brand


UK based sales office of leading European O.E. Parts Manufacturer had quoted major UK based parts group, but had not heard anything after some weeks and could not get any answers from their contacts within group.

Due to the pressures from their European Head quarters E.A.M were asked to intervene and clarify situation..



Using his contacts and over thirty years experience, spoke to the Decision makers within Group and found out that the “Offer ” had not even been looked at or acted upon due to the poor layout and style of the offer, and was unfortunately missing major parts required to win such a major contract with a UK Based company.

E.A.M instructed the manufacturer on how the quotation should be constructed and the type of things that should be offered regarding their Pricing Structures, Range Shortfalls, Answers to these shortfalls, Rebate structures required within UK Aftermarket, Marketing Ideas and costs, UK Delivery demands.


E.A.M requested from client that a new offer would be put forward for re-consideration, this was done. The new Presentation was accepted by group and has won the Manufacturer around 2 Million Euros’ of sales per annum and a 3 year contract.